Tuesday, March 31, 2009

bottle woes

We are trying to wean Kian off of the bottle and on to the sippy cup. Oh my goodness! It has been awful. This child does not want to drink anything from a sippy cup. He looks at me and screams when I try to offer the cup with formula in it over the bottle. He no longer gets the bottle during the day, just when he wakes up or goes to bed. Umm, yeah, I guess that means he's not really drinking during the day. I'm REALLY hoping that he adjusts the next few days. He takes a couple of sips if it's juice, but that's about it! Any suggestions? I don't really remember how we did it with Aiden. Right about now I wish I would of journalled everything when Aiden was little! It's so funny when Kian even sees the bottle on the kitchen counter he screams in anger, as if to say, "I know what you're trying to do and I don't like it!".

Saturday, March 28, 2009

sweet moments

I love my kids. I just love them. There are times I just look at them and they fill me with so much joy! It makes me in awe that God would ever feel that way about me being His daughter. What a cool thing! Today I went to Michigan City to shop and when I came home Aiden sat with me on the couch telling me everything he did while I was gone. He leaned over with a big smile and said, "Mommy, I'm so glad that you are safe." Then he leaned over and we touched foreheads. Oh my heart felt so full. Kian is also quite the snuggler. He often burrows his head in my neck and just settles in my arms. I LOVE being their mom!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Taking it like a man

I really don't know if Kian feels pain. He is constantly falling, hitting his head, getting hit or kicked by Aiden or downright crawling into things head first. Today he was playing by the end table and slipped and hit his mouth head first into the corner of the table. He did cry for a little bit on that one, but pretty soon blood started to come from his mouth. The inside of his lip was bleeding. THEN We went to the mall real quick today and Aiden, when I wasn't paying attention, tried to push Kian by pulling the stroller back. Well he lost his grip and Kian fell straight back and hit the back of his head on the cement floor. THEN (are you noticing a theme of this post?) Kian was crawling at school and we heard a thud as he crawled straight into the wall and hit his forehead (he still has a bump). He never cried on that one. THEN Aiden and Kian were playing with our bedspread on the floor (it was so cute to watch and hear as both continually laughed together and Chad and I weren't playing with them) and Aiden jumped with both legs out and hit Kian right in the face with his foot. As Kian cried all Aiden said was, "it's okay Kian, you're okay!" And all this was just today! The poor kid constantly gets hit! A few weeks ago we noticed that Kian had a black eye, we still have no idea how he got it, he never cried! He is one tough cookie!
By the way, the picture is from the beginning of January but I thought it was really cute. No I don't have a camera yet!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Now that it is warmer, Aiden is loving golf. He goes outside with his little clubs and hits his golf balls. He loves it and is getting pretty good. He especially loves his driver and we have to make sure he is nowhere near or facing the house or he will hit it! Kian laughs when Aiden swings his clubs. Probably because Kian likes that Aiden is not swinging at him!

Monday, March 23, 2009


Aiden is officially in the "why" stage. Recently everything has been, " why mommy?". Yesterday we were at church in the commons area and Aiden disobeyed Chad and Chad asked him what he just did and Aiden replied with a really cute smile, "spankin'?" Immediately after saying that he leaned in to me with a big smile and continued to lean until he touched my forehead with his . Then he shook head so his nose kept touching mine all the time with a big smile on his face. The closer he got the more I laughed. He is so good at manipulating a situation! By the end I was laughing so hard I was crying. He knew exactly what he was doing and I couldn't help but laugh.
However today was not so much fun. He is really struggling with his mouth. He is constantly questioning me or speaking roughly. Our pastor on Sunday talked about speaking sweetly and that has challenged me to really focus on my words and teaching Aiden to speak nicely. We are trying to teach him but it can be very hard and it doesn't seem to work right now any way. Aiden's personality is very structured and at times can be a little obsessive. He loves watching movies right (movies to him are a show on the Disney channel) and Aunt Pat came over to visit and he spoke so meanly to her. He didn't want her to talk to him or watch the show because he was watching it. I turned it off and told him that he couldn't watch it anymore because of his words and he lost it. I sent him to his room where he continued to lose it. I told him that it makes God sad when he talks like that, to which Aiden again replied, "why mommy?" I just hope he gets it someday and that we have the consistency he so very badly needs.
The other day Aiden and Kian were playing downstairs and Aiden was hitting golf balls and I heard him say, "it's okay Kian it's okay. You're okay." I went downstairs and Aiden was hitting balls right in front of Kian and Aid had hit Kian in the face with a golf ball. Kian didn't even cry. So we had a little chat about that.
Our life has been very boring recently. March madness has officially begun so we have watched a lot of basketball. Go UNC!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


We haven't really done very much the last couple of days because Aiden hasn't felt well and now Kian isn't feeling well. However, I did get my film developed and here are several of the pictures!

The before picture of Kian getting his first haircut. Sorry it's not that good!

The after picture of Kian. I didn't take a lot off the top, but took more off the sides. I can't believe how old he looks in this picture! He doesn't look like a baby anymore!

Kian's first time at the park and this was our first time of the year. It was a beautiful day!

Kian eating dirt...not too surprising!

The boys on a slide "posing" for a picture!

Aiden hanging. He was proud that he could hang all by himself!

Everyone swinging. Kian loved swinging--he laughed and laughed!

Me and my boys on the slide. This was Kian's first time down it!

Monday, March 16, 2009


What a gorgeous day! It was sunny and high 60's...just beautiful! We took the boys to Shanklin park this afternoon. It was Kian's first time at the park and he loved it. I took pictures with my film camera, so I'll have to add them after I get them developed. Kian loved the swing and laughed and laughed! Aiden had a great time going down all of the slides and running around. It was such a fun afternoon! When we got home, Aiden and I went to our school playground and played for another 40 minutes with some neighbors. All in all, it was a really fun day!

We are trying to teach Aiden how to share right now. At lunch I gave Chad, Aiden, and Kian a couple of mini vanilla wafers. I didn't want any, but Chad thought it would be a teachable moment for Aid and said, "Hey Aid, Mommy doesn't have any cookies, so what do you think we should do so she can have some too?" Aiden looked at Chad and said, "What?" So Chad repeated himself and Aiden thought about it for a second and said, "We need to go and buy another box of cookies." We laughed so hard. At least he's honest!
The other day Chad took Aiden to the gym and Aiden was struggling with his attitude. Lately he likes to show 1, 2, and 3, on his fingers. Well after he's had attitude, he looked at Chad and said, "Daddy, here's one!" And he used his middle finger. Yup, my son is already flicking us off.
Kian has 5 teeth now and 2 more on the way! He waved at Chad today which we loved. Our kids are growing up so fast!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


We had a great weekend in Auburn. Usually weekends are used to catch up on sleep...not so much for us this weekend. We had a great time with our friends Don and Jess Davis. We had lots of good talks. Chad watched sports pretty much every day. Go Phil Mickelson and Syracuse! We learned how to play Canasta and we played that a couple of times. Jess and I went out and watched "Confessions of a Shopaholic"...super cute! Aiden and Kian did pretty well. They were little hyper at times (well Aiden was, Kian was, well..., Kian).
On the way home, we stopped at Taco Bell for dinner (yes I love Taco Bell). Aiden prayed for dinner and this was his prayer: "God thank You for this food and this drink and that we can go in the car and that I can watch a movie when I get home. Amen" We never told him that he could watch a movie when he got home. What a little manipulater! He even is trying to manipulate God! We laughed out loud when he said that.
We came back a little tired and with a lot on our mind. Chad has a ton to do for school yet and I have to grade tests. What is Aiden doing right now? Watching a movie...come on, you'd give in too!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Shopping can be therapeutic for me. I had a great time tonight going out with my mom. My mom is such a wonderful person! We went out to dinner (Chili's) and then went to the mall. It was so much fun! I still had the majority of my gift cards I received from Christmas, but not any more! I bought 2 different things at Banana Republic- which I absolutely love and I bought makeup at Macy's. I love it when God allows me to find great deals for things! I thoroughly enjoy bargain shopping and trying to find things for other people. It's so satisfying for some reason! I actually found a few items for myself too! Anyway, the only thing missing was my sister...it's not totally complete without her being there too.
We received a gift card to Applebees from the basketball team (which we promptly used the next day...I love not cooking). Aiden saw a lady in there who was sipping a margarita and yelled out, "hey Grandma!". It obviously was not Grandma and we told him so. The waitress came to the table to introduce herself and she was a little older and the first thing that came out of Aiden's mouth was, "you're not my grandma!" I couldn't help but laugh. She said, " no, but I'm old enough to be your grandma." A little embarrassing!

Kian is now shaking his head no, not too shocking for his personality. He loves to mimic what we do and can now clap when we ask him to. His favorite movement is to cock his head to the right into his shoulder. It is so cute! He is babbling quite a bit. He eats all the time still, but seems to be thinning out. His poor teeth...they have to be painful! 2 will probably break through tonight.

We are going to spend the weekend with Don and Jess Davis in Auburn. I'm excited to have a weekend away! Blogging may not happen until at least Sunday!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Why is it so difficult to exercise on a regular basis? I am trying to exercise about 5 days a week. Man, some days are like pulling teeth trying to get myself motivated! I know the benefits... I mean I'm a health teacher for crying out loud! I wish I there was an easy way to lose weight and become fit! Why is discipline so difficult? I wish I was a more disciplined person...in every area: shopping, exercise, cleaning, cooking and eating well, spending time with God....basically every area I wish I was more disciplined. So I am going to really try to become an overall more disciplined person this next month. How you might ask? I am going to write down all the areas I want to be more disciplined in: eating well, exercise, and spending more time with God will be the first 3 commitments. Everyday I am going to write down my goals and then at the end of the month I will evaluate it. Wish me luck!
Today at our local (terrible) mall, our church was involved in giving a week of food to families in need. There were several churches involved. I think about 6,000 vouchers were given out and today the families came and picked up their food. I was in the area during the hours of pickup and watched the huge lines of cars trying to get into the mall. It was very humbling seeing the mass of people who couldn't easily provide food for their families. It is very easy to complain about life...I do it way to much. Times are very tough around here, pretty much around everywhere. God has blessed us so much. In both of our families, no one has lost their jobs. We are able to still provide for our families and we don't have to worry where the food is going to come from. That is huge! Praise God! And yet I find myself complaining and upset about things that really don't matter! How stupid is that? Why don't I focus on the many things God has given me and focus on the people who I can help? I wish I would see people through God's eyes instead of my own. I have been trying to look people in the eye and smile when I walk past them and have found that it is a challenge for me. I tend to feel self-conscious and inferior. Why? I have the love of God to share and I feel self-conscious? That just seems so, I don't know, uncaring. I pray that God changes my heart to love people all the time and to focus on all the joys in life.
Anyway, after that little rabbit trail, Aiden said some really cute things and I need to write them down before I forget them. We were out today and a man helped us clean up a mess Aiden created and I told him, "tell the man thank you Aid". He looked at the man and said, "Thank you man!" Aiden is continually going up to strangers and asking them their names. A couple of weeks ago he went up to a homeless man and began talking to him. He is able to break down so many walls! Anyway, Chad and I were in the mall walking with the boys and we found something in JCPenney for my dad. Chad and Aiden paid for it while I kept walking with Kian. Aiden asked the lady her name. She replied, "Patty". Aiden can't always pronounce everything correctly and proceeded to talk to "Potty" and address her as "Potty" many times. Chad tried and tried to correct, but to no avail! Aiden said goodbye to potty and off they walked.

random thoughts

We had such a great day yesterday! Chad for the first time in months did not have practice and we spent the whole afternoon and evening together. It was so much fun! I could totally get used to this!
I was giving Aiden and Kian a bath this morning and Aiden asked me if he could go potty in the sink. I didn't think that I understood him at first, but yup, that's what he wanted to do! I was sitting on top of the potty and apparently he didn't seem to think that I needed to move seeing that there was another drain in the sink!

Kian's tooth broke through last night, so he has 4 teeth now- 3 on top, 1 on the bottom. He still has 1-2 more coming through. He has gotten all four in about 6 weeks. Even his teeth come fast and furious...just like his personality!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Another Milestone!

Kian got his first haircut! Chad has been nagging me to cut it. I didn't think it looked too long, and I especially liked Kian's curls! However, I did want to even out the cut, so last night I gave in. I wish I had pictures! Most probably wouldn't even notice, but I think he looks really cute! It was interesting cutting it. Chad was giving him his bottle while I cut it, which wasn't too easy! Kian looks older now! I still can't believe that he is 10 months old! He has begun to say "dada" and is walking along the furniture. He also has 3 teeth and 2 more are coming! So much fun!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

sectional fun!

ECA played Lakewood Park to see who would get into the finals last night. Our guys played good enough defense to win the game, but we just couldn't put the ball in the hoop! We were down 6 points going into the 4th quarter and ended up losing by 14. So our season is now officially over. I'm ready for a little break. We definitely have been quite busy and it will be nice to not have so much to do. Chad does want to go to the finals tonight because he's good friends with Lakewood's coach- Don Davis. That's our plans for tonight...a date to watch basketball! The boys are going to a friends for the evening.
I don't like that tonight we change the clocks and tomorrow I have to be at church at 7:30...that's 6:30 AM our time! YUCK!

Aiden looked at me yesterday and said, "Mommy, my head isn't working, it's not working Mommy." Apparently, he had a headache and that was his way of telling me! It's so funny how kids verbalize things!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Oh temper temper!

Kian is getting quite the personality. He is a very strong minded little boy! The other day I was holding his bottle about 3 feet from him and told him to come to me...he wouldn't. He wanted me to pick him up. He screamed and screamed and screamed! He would start to come and then sit up and scream...really very few tears, but a whole lot of anger! It took about 10 minutes of screaming for him to finally give in. This is a new ball game for us. Aiden is not at all like this. Aiden is our little manipulater, but doesn't have a huge temper. Kian already throws himself down when he's angry. I also don't know if he feels pain. Aiden has just about done everything to the kid and he very rarely cries. He's going through a clingy stage right now. Yesterday at church we put Kian in nursery and he screamed for 15-20 minutes. No tears again mind you...just anger. Pray for us as we try and help Kian.

I told Chad the other day how much we have to be careful of our reactions because Kian will see it and mimic it. I told him while he was screaming awhile back, "you better be an amazing leader some day!" I know that strong willed kids can be very difficult, but later on in life it can be such a great quality. I want my boys to be strong men and leaders for Christ. I don't want them swayed by other people; but, the process can be very hard of teaching them.

Kian is 10 months old tomorrow! I can't believe how old he is! He is standing and walking along all of the furniture and talking nonstop. He babbles constantly. We just noticed he got his third tooth and it's on the top! We can see his bottom teeth start to come in, but they haven't broken through yet. Chad keeps telling me how much he needs a haircut, but I just can't bring myself to cut it yet! We call him our human garbage disposal. He makes lots of sounds when he eats, it's so cute! He eats so much! I'm thinking he's going through a growth spurt....again. He and Aiden get along great. Aid is a fantastic big brother. Recently, Aid is picking up Kian, which doesn't work out so well for Kian. A new rule has been implemented at our house of no more picking Kian up (given because of the fall Kian took today).


I guess you never realize how much you miss technology until it's gone. I for one love technology. Chad...not so much. Our internet is not working at our house right now and it's driving me crazy. I haven't checked my e-mail, facebook, blog, banking, anything in 4 days. It's probably been good, but I feel out of touch with the world! So, I'm using our computer at school which surprisingly gives me access to this blog, but not to any e-mail etc.

Much has gone on in the past few days. On Tuesday I went to lunch with Grandma and Aunt Anne.

Great Grandma with Kian...she is so great with the boys!

Of course we went to McDonalds so Aiden and Kian could play. I love spending time with my Grandma. She is a wonderful, godly lady and I find myself learning from her almost every time we're together. We had a great time catching up; however, one terrible event happened. Aiden accidently hit my camera out of my hands and it broke. I am so sad! I have only had this camera for 2 months and I absolutely love it! I take pictures constantly! I still have the receipt, so I'm going to try and return it to Walmart or at least see if they can do anything...we'll see! So no pictures until I get it replaced!
Even though it is fuzzy I love Aiden's smile!

I think this was the last picture that was taken before it broke!

Chad is finished with his basketball team season. The varsity continues sectionals tomorrow! Hopefully we will be in the finals on Saturday, but we play a tough team. I am looking forward to not having either of us in a sport season. Thankfully, our boys love the gym!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

weekend update

Well, life is almost about to slow down. I can't wait for it to slow down. The weekend is almost over and what a week it has been! We had a great time with Courtney. Thanks for coming! Courtney, Aiden, Kian and I went to Fort Wayne for the day on Friday. We left after Kian had his morning nap...which lasted almost 3 hours! We shopped at the mall for a couple of hours and then went to Chad's game in the evening. The boys did pretty well considering they didn't get their normal naps and were out extremely late. Chad's teams both lost, but overall it was a fun day.

The next day Courtney left and we stayed home until Chad's basketball game in the evening. It was his last game for the JV. They've had a very good season and Chad is very proud of them! They played Westville and lost, but played overall pretty well. Their record is 10-8. So I knew with the week that we had, it was a possibility that the boys could have a meltdown at some point. Unfortunately I was right. Right before the end of the game, Aiden lost it. I mean lost it to the point were he had no control. At the same time Kian would cry if I wasn't holding him. I had to discipline Aiden at school which I hate. We left immediately after the game. It was a rough night and I'm very thankful it is over! Sometimes being a mom is very difficult and God continues to show me where I fall short. Having patience can be very hard and I get frustrated when I fail. Last night I failed. I just wanted them in bed (which subconsciously they wanted to). Motherhood is a journey I love being on, but is difficult as well.

Today we were in nursery at church and then came home and put the boys in bed for a nap. Now I'm going to grade papers for my health class while Chad is watching his Celtics play!