Saturday, June 27, 2009

Florida trip!

We are officially in Florida! The flight was pretty good. Aiden was very excited to go into the plane. He actually woke up at 5 in the morning ready to get going! We started our trip at Mike and Wendy Carl's house. We have been friends for them for years. Chad actually was taught by Mike and Wendy in NY and we taught with them in NJ. It was great to see them and today we leave for Orlando to get into the rental house. Quote of the day: "I'll be right back. I'm going to go and spank that little boy." Aiden at Chick filet. I have no idea why he said this, but it was hilarious!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

weekend update

We are trying to prepare to go on vacation tomorrow. We fly out of Chicago and head to Florida! I am so excited to see my family! I haven't seen most of them since Christmas and we have such a blast together. Aiden has been talking about it for months. I am not so excited about the flight however. How in the world are we going to keep Kian still for 2 1/2 hours??? He's doesn't stay still for 2 1/2 minutes!

Anyway, we have kept ourselves quite busy the last couple days. Yesterday we went to Auburn and looked at more homes as a back up in case the home we are trying to purchase falls through. Where does that stand?? Good question. Apparently the square footage is almost 1,400. The owner never changed the tax card, which means we have to get a new appraisal. The people doing it are dragging their feet tremendously. Would you please pray that we know one way or another if we get the house! If we don't get it, I just want to move on. It just is hard not knowing. I also had open gym for volleyball last night, we had a good time despite lower numbers. Chad spent a lot of the weekend watching golf and was terribly disappointed that Phil Mickelson did not win!

The boys are having a great time here and this is our last day housesitting. Chad and Aiden right now are mini golfing and then Chad is golfing with a buddy. Aiden and I went on our first "date". I took him to see his first movie- "Up". We had a really good time. I can't believe how old he is getting. He doesn't act like a toddler anymore...he's a little boy. He makes us laugh so often, it's great. He and Kian are good buds, but are starting to get on each other's nerves...and so the sibling rivalry begins :)
This last week we took the boys to McDonalds and Aiden ate his first ice cream cone. It was hilarious to watch. Chad has memories of eating ice cream cones with his dad and his dad "helping" a little too much by licking half of the cone. Well, apparently like father like son. Chad licked so much of Aiden's cone to make sure it didn't "drip". It was so funny to watch! Chad of course thinks he hardly had any.

I am so thankful for the father God has given me and the father God has given my boys. Both men are wonderful, godly, funny men. I could not has wished for a better dad. He never wants any recognition, but he deserves it all. He truly is my hero. Chad is the best father I have ever seen! I am so thankful for him! I don't know what I've done to deserve having 2 men like this in my life! Thank You God!
The people that we are house sitting for have a huge dog. Kian quickly befriended him. Aiden is still scared of him, but Kian has absolutely no fear!
Thankfully Denver is a great dog; however, this experience has made me not want one...ever.
Aiden eating his ice cream cone.
Chad looks so innocent doesn't he. I love this picture by the way!

Wait a second...I don't see any dripping!

Aiden right before going into the theater.

Aiden with his 3D glasses on. They would not stay on his face! They were just too big!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Will we ever have a home part 2

Well, we found out yesterday afternoon that the actual square footage of the house is 1,052, which mean that it has been falsely advertised, making the actual value $20, 000 below what was offered. Obviously, this was not the answer that we were hoping for. our realtor was quite upset and said that actually the other owner and realtors could get in a lot of trouble for adding 300 extra square feet. Thankfully we found out and now will be walking away from the house if the owner does not accept the new offer (which would be a miracle). However, God is able to work miracles! We are not getting our hopes up. We will have to move into an apartment first and then when the new house (which we haven't found yet) goes through we will move. The thing I am concerned about it the federal program that we incredibly got into. Well, the money expires at the end of Sept. If we don't buy a home at the beginning of September, we will lose the $8,000 the gov't would give us. Please pray for God's perfect timing and that I would rest in His capable arms!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Will we ever have a home??

We have been waiting on the appraisal of the house we want to buy. Today we found out that it was appraised for $20,000 BELOW what we accepted. We were shocked. Our realtor knows that it was not done correctly. It was appraised at 1,052 square feet instead of over 1,350. Apparently, the guy figured out the square feet by the dimensions of every room instead of by the outside of the house. Well, we are waiting to hear if it is changed. Please pray that this all gets figured out. If it doesn't we will lose the house and that freaks me out a little bit. Chad keeps reminding me that God is in control, it's just hard to think about being back to square one with all of the work we have put in!

We are house sitting for this week at some friends of ours. The boys are having a great time! There's a pool, basketball hoop, air hockey table, ping pong table, playground set, and fuse ball table. I think Aiden thinks it's heaven. At bedtime he keeps telling me that he's only going to sleep a little bit- too much to do of course. (To be honest, I think I am most excited that we get to sleep on a king size mattress!)

Tonight I have my first volleyball open gym in Auburn. Please pray for me...I'm super nervous! Chad has coached at a basketball camp all this week and today is the last day. I am trying not to get overwhelmed with everything that has to be done this summer. I am trying to think one day at a time. We just ordered all of Chad's textbooks for grad school. I am praying that the boys handle change well. This entire summer we will be at different places, not a whole lot of stability for them.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

moving day 1

Saturday is moving day 1. We are moving our stuff to my parent's house and then we will be making our official move to Auburn at the end of July. This week has been filled with packing, finding boxes, and then a little more packing. I am so sick of moving and can't wait to have a permanent home! Chad and I have moved 7 times in almost 7 years! We are still waiting on the appraisal and inspection on the home we are planning on buying. Please pray that this goes through quickly!
Both boys are doing great. Kian is pretty much walking. He is still quite unsteady and falls often, but he is starting to get it down! He says about 5 words: mama, dada, no (of course), ball (pronounced "gah"), and uh-oh. His newest favorite thing? Screaming a high pitch scream when he doesn't get what he wants. It's really quite pleasant (notice the sarcasm). However, overall he has developed into such a delightful child. He gives the cutest looks and loves to play and still loves to snuggle.
Aiden, we are realizing, is starting to have a quick tongue. Tonight we were returning from Krogers (getting boxes of course) and I said to Aiden, "okay, when we get home, it's time to go to bed." He replied, "I think when we get home, it's time to go downstairs and play basketball." Chad replied, "well, your not mommy or daddy, so you don't make that decision." Everytime we go by a restaurant he comments on how hungry he is. He cracks me up. The kid constantly says whatever is on his mind, wherever we are at. It makes for some very interesting conversations and even more interesting looks from other people.
Well, gotta go...more packing to do!

Friday, June 5, 2009

garage sale part deux

Well we had another garage sale today at my parent's house. It was a neighborhood sale (22 homes in the subdivision had one). It was the perfect day to have one. Cloudless, warm, light breeze, perfect. We had a terrific turnout and probably sold 2/3 of our stuff in the first 5 hours! Woo hoo! Tomorrow is the last day!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Chad has been bugging me for the last couple days to give Kian a haircut. I finally relented today. It's a little too short for my taste, but Chad loves it. My little boy is growing up! Here are the pics!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Aiden and his glasses

Sunday, Aiden for some reason became fixated on the idea that he needed sunglasses. I don't know why, but he wouldn't let it go. I told him that if he did a few extra chores that maybe we could get him a pair of sunglasses. Well, he helped clean Chad's classroom with us, so I went to the dollar store and purchased a pair of sunglasses for him. He was so excited! It is all he could focus on and he wants to wear them all the time! He is SO funny at times. Here he is with his brand new glasses on.