Thursday, February 26, 2009

aunt courtney

Yesterday Chad's sister Courtney flew in for a visit. Aiden, Kian and I went and picked her up in South Bend. Aiden could not stop talking about it. He kept saying, "Mommy, we are going to pick up Aunt Courtney. I love her Mommy! Do you love her?" I'd say yes, then he'd say, " And Kian loves her and Daddy loves her. I'm so excited Mommy!" It was so sweet. We went in the airport and Aiden ran into her arms. We had a great time yesterday catching up!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


On Tuesdays I go over to ECA and lead elementary chapel music. I lead the 1st through 3rd graders in singing. Aiden has grown to love it. What a joy it is for me to watch him sing and do the motions to the songs. It is so precious watching him sing to Jesus. He sits with his friend Isaac and does the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag, Christian flag and the Bible. I think he will love going to school...but I'm not ready to give him up yet!
Aiden and Isaac before chapel starts.
Aiden doing the pledge of allegiance. He is quite cute putting his hand over his heart!

All the kids gave each other back rubs, so Aiden joined in!

Monday, February 23, 2009

The joys of motherhood part 2

I know I already made a post for today but the recent turn of events merits another. Today we had cable excited by the way. The cableman came during the hours stated...all was going well. Aiden was in bed, Kian was being an angel. Everything was going great. The cable guy was almost finished, I was holding Kian. The cable guy went back to his truck to get me a receipt and then disaster. Kian was facing me and he vomitted 3 times covering basically his and my entire body. I ran to the kitchen to try to save the poor carpet. Immediately after, the cable guy of course comes to the door with my receipt. I cannot touch this poor man because I am covered in puke, so I tell him of the unfortunate events that just transpired. He looks at me and puts the receipt on the piano and books it out of there. I had already taken a shower and gotten ready to teach for the day...yeah that wasn't going to happen. It's on my face, in my hair... disgusting. I put Kian in the bath tub and took off all our clothes, give him a bath and put him down for a nap, clean the carpet, do laundry. He was in a great mood. Laughing, playing in the tub...of course everything is now out of his stomach. So that is where the story ends because I must now make a mad dash to get a shower and get ready before I teach in 45 minutes!

does life ever slow down?

One of my favorite verses in the Bible is, "Be still and know that I am God." I think I'm sorta wired to go go go. It's good for me to remember that I need to rest in God and stop trying to do things with my own strength. Actually it's more like I can't do things with my own strength...I've tried. I fail miserably. I'm learning that I have to trust in God. It's a lifelong lesson for me.

Kian is feeling much better. He's not sleeping through the night right now, but I'm hoping he will tonight. I'm trying to stay home during the day this week so both boys can get their naps. It's a busy week!

I like to be busy. I enjoy having things to do, as long as the boys can handle it. This week, however, is a little too busy for us. Tonight I am subbing for a friend in a volleyball league and playing for their team. Chad has a basketball meeting with parents after practice, so my parents are watching the boys. Tuesday, Chad has a basketball game against South Bend Riley (tough game). Wednesday is church and Chad's sister Courtney is coming to visit. Thursday, Chad has open house at school and basketball practice. Friday, Chad has a basketball game against Fort Wayne Canterbury. Saturday, Chad has a basketball game and Courtney leaves. It will be fun hopefully!

Man I love my life! I am so blessed!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


My poor Kian... he's had diarrhea for 3 days and today we were in Meijer and he vomitted over everything! Not the funnest thing to clean up as grocery shoppers pass by in disgust and I'm sure thinking, "what type of mother brings a kid shopping when he's sick?" He acts totally fine except that he doesn't really want to eat or drink. Oh the laundry that I have done the past few days! Hopefully, that will be the only time he vomits...poor boy!

Friday, February 20, 2009

spaghetti time!

Our boys love pasta. I do believe that they are half Italian. Today for lunch we had spaghetti or "paketti" as Aiden calls it. Well the pictures really speak for themselves. They did enjoy it!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


We love McDonalds. It's like a getaway. Aiden can play and I can catch up with friends. Today we went with my friend Rachel Kratzer. Rach and I had a great time talking and the slides must have just been waxed, cuz they were lightening fast. We were sitting on the opposite end of the bathroom in the playland when I heard Aiden shouting (already standing in the bathroom doorway), "Mommy, I gotta go potty. Potty mommy. Don't come in. I can do it" and repeat about 4 times. Mind you the playland had a good amount of people in it in which they are now all staring at me. Aiden usually comes and tells me that he has to go potty, but obviously today he wanted to shout it. As I walked what seemed like a mile to reach him (and everyone continuing to stare and laugh- probably because they've all been in the same boat) I raised my hand and said, "yeah he's mine". It was really quite funny and a just little embarrassing. Oh well, at least he's potty trained!

oh the joys of motherhood

I absolutely love being a mom; however, there are times when we have to do some not so fun things. Case and point, before going to bed I always check on the boys...just because I'm anal. When I went into Kian's room I smelled this nasty odor, which then caused me to shut the door. I had a decision to make: do I change his poopy diaper and thus wake him up, or do I let him sleep in it? The answer was easy for me...I had to change him. I got the wipes and diaper and lifted him out of bed, only to realize that this was not poop. Kian had vomitted all over everything and apparently never woke up. I do believe vomit is the worst smelling odor on the planet by the way. At dinner Chad and I had commented that Kian never acts like he is full...he always will eat. Well, I guess he ate too much. I woke up Chad who was exhausted and went to bed early and I got to work cleaning up the mess. Kian woke up and was in a delightful mood...just having a great cat nap. So after cleaning up his crib, I gave Kian a bath. Of course Kian loves bath time and thought he should be able to play. Let's just say it took a while for him to fall back asleep last night, meaning I didn't sleep much either. At least he acts fine today and is now taking a nap!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

standing tall

Kian today pulled himself up on our sofa. He was very proud of himself! One more accomplishment!

Kian pulled his head through our tray table and stood up and gave me a great look. Thankfully I had my camera handy!

Monday, February 16, 2009

fast talker

There are times Aiden literally does not stop talking. He will say the same thing over and over and over. When talking to my dad about this he just replies that God gave me another me, which by the way is probably true. Last night coming back from church, Chad and I were talking about our ABF and Aiden continued to say, "mommy, mommy, mommy" over and over. Until Chad (or I) finally said that that's not how you get mommy's attention when she is talking. So Aiden continued to say, "excuse me mommy, excuse me mommy, excuse me mommy" until I would talk to him (by the way he wanted another starburst pronounced "tarst"). Persistant little booger!
Today I went to Chick Fillet with my friend Beccah and Aiden had a great time playing with her son Kyle. On the way home Aiden wanted to listen to a cd. Mind you we have listened to this cd about 200 times. If fact, Aiden has a song he calls "my song", and daddy and mommy also have their songs. Aiden knows every word and usually sings along. Today daddy's song was about to play and Aiden commented on it, so we started talking about daddy and I commented, "daddy's a good daddy isn't he?" Aiden replied, "yup, and you're a good Laura." It was so precious. I laughed out loud and told him thank you. He is such a great kid. One of my favorite sounds is listening to Aiden and Kian laughing together...which happens often by the way. Aiden just knows how to lighten people's moods.

Aiden doesn't understand the whole concept of smiling for a camera. The picture above is his smile right now. Say cheese!
Aiden is very loving. He is hugging his friend Bentley Ryall at a party.

Kian absolutely adores Aid. Kian can be in a terrible mood and then Aiden will start to play with him.Kian yesterday climbed up stairs! He is getting so big! We haven't been called out of nursery the last 4 times so we are hoping his stage of screaming nonstop has past.

Friday, February 13, 2009


Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and we'll be quite busy (more on that later), so I wanted to make sure I wrote about the hero in my household... Chad. I at times can be a bit mushy, so you'll have to excuse this post. Chad is the best husband and father I have ever seen. Our boys idolize him and other than God, there is no one I think is better suited for the job. Words cannot express how thankful I am to be Chad's wife. He not only treats me with respect and love; he is loyal, trustworthy, and sensitive. We have so much fun together: playing sports, games (we are just a little competitive!), taking walks, going to movies. He loves our Savior and desires to lead our family the way God would want him to.

He spends so much quality time with Aiden and Kian (secretly hoping one or both will love basketball and golf--which I don't really think he has to worry about that). I love you Chad!

Thank You God for blessing our family with this godly man!

Tomorrow is a busy day for all of us! Chad has basketball games at 1 and 2:30. Chad and I are taking the boys to the church to be babysat and then going out to dinner with Allen and Tara Lollis. After that we are picking up the kids and going to Tara's parent's beautiful home and staying the night there. We will probably be playing euchre most of the night and enjoying the hot tub. Then we'll go to second service in the morning. So much fun!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

the joy of discovery

Kian was crawling in the kitchen the other day and happened to stop right in front of the oven, where he discovered his reflection.
He thought it was so funny and kept looking at me laughing after he saw himself. It was the cutest thing.
He then leaned in and gave himself kisses. Then he'd repeat. Look at himself. Look at me. Laugh. Look back at himself and give himself kisses. I love this kid!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Overview of life

Well, I thought I could create my own blog for out of town family and friends to catch up with us. We'll see if I have the ability to keep this up!
Chad is in full swing with basketball and teaching, the boys are constantly growing, and it seems that no matter how hard I try, life doesn't slow down!
Aiden just turned three January 4th. He's in a bit of a "stage" right now (for lack of a better term). Attitude seems to be his middle name. He tells everybody "no" and doesn't do things right when we tell him to. Don't get me wrong, he's a great kid, just starting to question things. It scares me so much that he doesn't feel bad for doing wrong. Chad continues to tell me that he's not saved yet, he shouldn't. But what if... I guess I have to put Aiden in God's capable hands and try and parent the way He would want me to.
Kian is 9 months old. I don't know if two boys could be any different! He is afraid of strangers right now. Meaning, he only wants mommy and daddy. He just got his 2 front teeth. He still doesn't have his bottoms ones. He loves to crawl and get in to everything... and then put it all in his mouth. We are not sure if he feels pain yet. I slapped his hand for touching something and he looked right at me and laughed. Aiden yesterday went over to him and kicked him down and he hit his head on the ground, not one cry! We could have a strong-willed child on our hands!
We are living in Indiana and loving being near family. I am so thankful for our families. We are so loved and supported. God has blessed us immeasurably!