Monday, April 25, 2011


My cousin Jessica came over to our house a couple of weeks ago and took our family pictures. We LOVE them. I only posted 3, but Jess really captured our kids personalities!

We have had a busy house the last few weeks. For the past 3 extended weekends, we have had out of town family visiting. We love having family visit, but at the same time, it is also nice to get back to our routine and get our house back. This past Easter weekend, our family went to the Fort Wayne zoo and then went to the playground. We are so thankful that after a very rainy week, the weather was perfect! We had a great time and Mia was perfect all day long!

Mia seems to be doing well. She has started sleeping up to 8 hours a night! This makes me VERY happy! She is cooing and smiling every day and she's just a sweetie. She physically is growing and her acid reflux is doing well.

Aiden and Kian are both doing great. Aiden is reading and writing and loving it. School is getting closer to being finished for the year, which ALL of us are looking forward to. Kian is going to be 3 in less than 2 weeks! Where has the time gone? He still refuses to potty train, but hopefully soon he will want to.

Chad is going to continue his graduate studies this summer. He is taking 2 courses online and he is taking 2 classes at BBC.

I am doing well. SO happy to not be pregnant anymore! One big change for me is that I will not be coaching volleyball anymore at Lakewood. We are just too busy and I need to focus my time on my family right now, especially with having Mia and Chad doing grad school. I have LOVED coaching though and I will miss my girls!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter focusing on our Risen Savior!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

dr's appt.

Mia had her appointment with her pediatrician yesterday. She has grown to 10 lbs, 5oz which is great. The doctor wants her to have an EEG to rule out any possible issues with her brain. It will be this Thursday at a hospital in Fort Wayne. Hopefully this will be the last test given to her and the results will come back negative for anything abnormal. Meanwhile the boys have been great. They actually are playing better together than they ever have. I started praying about a month ago that the boys would start to get along better and play well together. It's amazing to me how God has answered! It makes me think about how many other things do I not take the time to pray about that God is just waiting for me to come to Him about! He delights in answering His children's prayers. Why do I think some things are not important enough to God to pray about? I am thankful I have a God who cares about EVERY part about me!!