Monday, February 14, 2011

Mia's Room

I know I have been a terrible blogger as of late! Things have been going pretty well lately. Christmas was awesome and I should probably post pictures of that too. We are counting down the days until we get to meet baby Mia. We are so excited to have this little girl. Already she is such a blessing to us! Yesterday my mom and I finished her room. Here are some of the pictures.
Her crib. Mom sewed the whole bumper with 2 different fabrics. I love the little green polka dot tassles!

A good look at the valance. Mom made this also and also sewed some green ribbon to add something more to the fabric.

The other wall is like celery green.

Here is our huge light fixture. Chad describes it as "a snowflake collided with a disco ball." I love it. We got it from Ikea and it leaves little flower imprints on the wall when the light is on.

Mom made this art by stretching some fabric on a canvas.

A closeup of the crib

We are all so ready to meet Mia. Just a couple of weeks hopefully!