Friday, April 23, 2010


The boys favorite activity right now is golf. They are hilarious to watch. Aiden golfs left-handed (like Chad) and Kian golfs right-handed. Kian doesn't have any golf clubs and has to use Aiden's lefty clubs. I was shocked to see how well he can hit the ball using the opposite side of the club! Aiden is not allowed to use real golf ball anymore. He hits the ball too hard and will definitely break something! They love to go in the backyard with Chad and hit balls fun! Chad secretly hopes maybe one of them will make golfing as a career. I could care less, but I AM happy that there are activities that all of them can do together that they all enjoy. Who knows if this will always be the case, but for now, it's great.

Laying on the couch together watching a movie. Such good buds.
Ready to play!

Kian just received in the mail yesterday golf clubs from Chad's mom for his 2nd birthday. He was so excited! I'll have to post a picture of the clubs, they are so nice!

You can sort of see it in this picture, but Aiden now opens his mouth everytime he hits the ball.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


This morning, I am staying home with Aiden as he is still not feeling well. So this morning, I want to focus on all of the good stuff God has given me. Here is a small sample.
I am so thankful...
Aiden's fever has broken and that he is on the mend!
That I have hardworking husband who loves God and leads our family. Chad is the best father to our boys. I could not have asked for a better man!
For my incredible family, both immediate and extended. They are some really cool people!
God's Word never changes and that He loves me despite of myself.
For my house!! I thought we would never buy one, but God gave us so much more than we ever thought we would have! I am amazed at the way God provides!
For our new ministry here at Lakewood Park. There are wonderful people here and we are proud to be apart of this ministry. Chad is loving teaching PE. It is so nice to see him thrive!
For my 2 boys. I could write a whole lot about them, but all I'll say is I am very blessed to have these boys in my life!
For a godly heritage.
That I live in the USA. I love our country...even if I disagree with many of the choices being made for our country.
for salvation and the hope of more to come!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Aiden is sick. He's had a fever for 2 days now of about 102 degrees. He has a terrible cough too. Today has been spent laying on the couch, drinking fluids, taking temperatures and medicine. It's very interesting how my kids handle being sick. With Aiden, we can tell instantly if he is sick, he shows it completely in his eyes. Unlucky for him because he won't be able to fake it when he goes to school! He also only wants to be held and watch movies. This is the one time I don't care if he watches movies all day. I just feel so bad for him!
It's hard sometimes to have my kids sick, not just because of them being sick, but also the fact that I have to change all of my plans. Selfish, I know. Today was not the best day to be sick because we had a ton to do. Chad is in a basketball league and today was his final tournament. He had 3 games and his team won the championship which he was just a little happy about! My parents also came to our house. Mom helped me with the landscaping and dad helped with odd jobs around the house. They are such servants and I am so thankful for them! Dad actually installed a new faucet in our master bath and I just love it! Mom and I went to Home Depot and bought several plants and then planted most of them. I think its gonna look great! Immediately after planting, I had a volleyball lesson and then open gym for volleyball. Wow, busy day for sure! Thankfully the boys were able to stay at home and just rest. Needless to say, I will not be going to church in the morning!
Monday, Kian and I have doctors appointments and I might make one for Aiden as well if he is still sick. Please pray for this appointment for me, as I have several questions that I am looking to get answers for. I am also hopeful that Kian is over his ear infection!
Hard to believe Kian is going to be 2 in a couple of weeks! Wow, time flies! We are so blessed to have this little one in our life! He is a blast! More to come about him when he turns 2...

Monday, April 12, 2010


It's amazing how my countenance is able to change just from going outside and feeling the sunshine on my face. I love spring. It is becoming my favorite season. I love not having to wear winter coats, and seeing flowers grow, and everything else that comes with spring!
Since we bought the house at the end of September, we have yet to see what landscaping is going to need to be done. Well let me tell you, it's a lot! I have never been in charge of a yard and I think I will enjoy it someday, but right now, it seems pretty overwhelming! I mean, I am not educated on this AT ALL. I am just starting to learn what different plants are and I feel lost, lost, lost! I am looking for some low maintenance plants and flowers that aren't extremely boring (like evergreens). Anyone have any ideas?? I just bought 2 rhodendrum plants and need a couple of plants that will be in mostly shade. The next big project outside will be to make all of the mulch the same. We have about 4-5 different types of mulch, stone, bark and you name what else, around our house. I would like to take and switch some of it for stone. It's not my favorite, but I think it's pretty low maintenance. I also need to replace the plastic sheet under the mulch. I don't think it should take a whole lot of money, but it will take lots of hours!
The boys seem to be on the mend. I had 2 whole nights this week where no one woke up at night! It's been a while since that has happened! My knee also seems to be doing well. I have been able to run 5 miles since hurting it and my knee seems fine.
This weekend was filled with watching the Masters tournament. We were all so excited that Phil Mickelson won! Well, all of us but Aiden. Aiden was sitting on the ground with his head buried in a pillow and crying. Literally, he had tears streaming down his face. Why you ask? He wanted Tiger to win! Can we say dramatic? Aiden wasn't even watching most of it! I really think he could be a very good actor seeing that he already can make himself cry! He is something else!

Monday, April 5, 2010


Happy Easter! We hope all of you were able to enjoy your weekend! Chad's mom was able to come and spend Easter with us. It was a beautiful weekend and we tried to spend as much time as we could outside, going to parks, etc.
Both of the boys seem to not being feeling well. On Friday both of them had pinkeye and Aiden had an infection on his leg. 2 prescriptions later, the only thing getting better was Aiden's leg. Kian has really been struggling recently with eating and just doesn't seem himself. I finally took him to the doctor this morning. His pinkeye has gotten worse and he needs to have new eye drops. He also has an ear infection and possibly even has pnemonia. Hopefully the antibiotics will help everything, if not, Kian has to have a chest x-ray. He also has terrible molluscum that has spread all over his body. I found out that if I want to get it treated, we have to see a dermatologist at Riley's in Indy. We aren't really sure what to do. Aiden's infection was caused by one leftover molluscum that we forgot to treat and it eventually got infected and Kian literally has maybe a hundred on his body. However, they don't bother him right now. Please pray that we make a wise decision. Kian HATES doctors too and screams even if the nurse is trying to hear him breathe.
Chad's mom is also quite sick and has had to delay going home. I feel very badly for her. I think she has the flu, so I am trying to take care of her also, which I am glad she is here and not by herself feeling this way.
Chad and I were able to run together since his mom was here and have really enjoyed that. However, last night I hurt my knee and am not sure if I can even run anymore. I am hoping that I didn't do major damage to it and that I just pulled something. Thinking about that makes me very frustrated. I have worked really hard to get to where I am and the idea of not being able to continue makes me sick to my stomach. I'm sure I am thinking too far ahead. I will try and rest it for a couple (maybe) days and then see how it is.
Even though I seem to have written lots of negative stuff, it really was a good weekend! The boys are acting fine and we all have positive attitudes! Just a slight bump in the road!
Church yesterday was GREAT! Pastor gave a powerful message and it was so needed in my life right now! I am so thankful for Christ and His love for me!

I am so blesssed to have all of these boys in my life!

Easter egg hunt. Kian had a blast and kept saying, "more candy, more candy!" everytime he found some more!

Aiden needed some help reaching one of the eggs.

Aiden got such a bad sunburn the day before while he was golfing with Chad. From now on I will keep sunscreen with me at all times! Both boys have such fair skin!

Chad's mom with the boys.