Thursday, November 19, 2009


The last couple of day Chad's sister Courtney was here for a visit. It's been nice to have her here. She's the first one to stay overnight in our house with us. Aiden, we've been putting to bed, in our room and then moving him into the walk-in closet when we are ready to go to bed. It's gone pretty well. I generally haven't been sleeping well, but that's nothing new. I did convince Courtney and Chad to run with me and one other person (we hope it will be Courtney's friend Kiersten) in a Marathon relay in Buffalo May 30, NY. I am so excited. We would all run a 10k except the anchor who would run a 12K. It will give me motivation to run and what a cool thing to accomplish together!
Today we were in Picture People taking Kian's 18 month pictures. Santa was there taking pictures and stuff with other customers. Santa eventually came over and sat next to me and Aiden. I looked at Aiden all excited and said, "Aiden, who is that??" Aiden looked at me questioningly and said, "Christmas boy?" I laughed so hard! I looked at him and said, "actually he is a man." Santa I think was wondering what type of mom doesn't teach her son about Santa. I wish I would of said, "we teach him about Christ, not Santa." However, I do think that Santa will always now be "Christmas boy" to me.
The boys have been difficult recently. Kian is going through a serious "no" stage. He has no problem looking right at me and saying, "no." It's as if he is thinking, "there is no way you can make me do that." What has been difficult is that he doesn't say yes yet. Everything is no. So it's hard to discipline. Today though I am realizing certain times that I know he means "no". Like I told him to come to me tonight and he looked at me and said "No" and ran away. He wasn't too happy with the result of his comment. He also is screaming a lot. Just to scream. No real reason. He just likes screaming. Aiden is really struggling with obeying the first time. Everything is a bit of attitude and he loves to annoy his brother, (and vise versa). Patience is coveted right now! Today was difficult with me to have that. Tomorrow I'm even more nervous about. We have to drive Courtney back to Indy which is over a 2 and a half hour drive one way. Please pray for patience and good behavior (for all of us).

Friday, November 13, 2009


I've been trying to get back on the exercise bandwagon. I have started doing Jillian Michaels DVD and it is killing me! It's a little difficult exercising with Kian trying to wrap himself around my legs as I am trying to kick them in the air! He is starting to get used to it and playing as I workout. Today he did decide to sit on my stomach as I was trying to do sit-ups...not the easiest. I am trying to decide if I should commit to a half marathon in May in Indy. I know it's a big decision. I absolutely hate running, but I love how I feel after I run. Still 13 miles is a long time to run! One of the friends from Elkhart wants me to do it with her, so we'll see! Tomorrow I am playing in a volleyball tournament in Fort Wayne. I am very excited! It's been a long time since I have played for real with other adults! Hopefully I won't do terrible! Chad has officially started basketball and it is going very well. The week however has gone a little slower now that he is gone more often. I am looking forward to games starting and being able to take the boys. I love going to Chad's games!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

where is hell??

yeah, I know, I'm a terrible blogger. We've been so busy doing stuff on the house and basketball just started. It's a bad excuse I know. I can't believe that it's already November! Not just that, it's November 11! Where does time go? Kian is 18 months old! Wow..that's amazing. There was a time I didn't know if he would even make it to 18 months with how much he cried and now what a complete joy he is to our family. He has so much charisma that draws people to him. I am so blessed that God gave me such wonderful children!

The boys loved trick or treating. Aiden went as Zorro and Kian was a lion. Aiden especially had a blast!
Auburn had it's trick or treating on the 30th. After that we went to Elkhart and the next morning mom and I went to Chicago to buy a few things for the house. Our check came from the government for our house which in itself is huge! Our realtor told me that not one of her clients has received it yet. They amended their taxes in June and still have yet to get their check. We amended ours the end of September and received it 4 weeks later! I was praying that we would get it before I left for Chicago with mom so I had more freedom to purchase some things... it came 4 days before. I had so much fun! We went to Ikea, Lowes, Home Goods, and several other places. I was able to get art, pillows, other decor, a bookcase, faucet, light fixtures, etc. The light fixtures still aren't up, but everything else is! It's been so much fun getting the house the way I want it. Seriously, so much fun!

The boys and I drove past a cemetary yesterday and Aiden commented on how dead people were there. I started talking to him how it was just their bodies that were in the cemetary. Humans have souls and either go to heaven or hell when they die. We talked for a while about what each were and how to go to heaven. It was basically left there. Before bedtime, Aiden asked me, "Mommy, where's hell?" Chad and I talked to him a little more about it. I don't think he understands much yet about it, however, I am glad that the conversations are starting about God. My prayer is some day in the near future he will understand that being a Christian is not about religion, but about a relationship. I don't want him to not to want to go to hell because there is fire and burning. I want him to want to be where God is for all of eternity. Last night was a good reminder to me of how much I need to be praying for my boys salvation. It really is the only thing that matters for them. Who cares if they are good athletes or love music or can say their ABC's. Nothing matters but Christ!