Friday, October 23, 2009

pictures of the new house

pictures of the inside of the house. this is aiden's room.
Kian's room-- part of it.

The main bath.

part of the living room

our bedroom. I love the vaulted ceilings!

the living room. I love how it opens up to part of the backyard.

the eat in kitchen. I am still looking for wall decorations for this wall and for my bedroom!
rest of the kitchen. Eventually we want to get matching microwave and dishwasher, but that's the future.

the rest of Aiden's room. I love his room.

This house is great!


At our volleyball game last night, Aiden had a bit of an accident and fell on the bleachers. He bit through his lip with 4 teeth, one of which bit all the way through. He's a bit of a mess, but he's doing okay! Today he is acting a lot more like himself and is starting to eat. I am so thankful it is not more serious!

Monday, October 19, 2009

we are well! Finally!

It looks as though the sickness bug if finally leaving our house! This weekend was miserable for me. The boys finally seemed to be feeling better and then it hit me. Today I am better than yesterday. I am hopeful that it will not hit Chad. He seems to be invincible to sickness somehow.
The boys are doing great. Aiden has been in the habit of saying, "I really think I'm right." to everything he thinks is right. For example, at lunch he told me that he didn't like his sandwich and I replied that his sandwich was good and he needed to eat it. He replied, "I really think I'm right." Let's just say that didn't fly with mommy. I'm realizing we are reaching a different stage with Aiden. It's no longer an obeying issue as much, it's more a manipulating, attitude problem. It weird to think that he is almost 4 years old! I am amazed that he will be in school next year! Kian's big thing right now is saying "no" to everything. Even if he actually means yes, it doesn't matter. He is communicating better, but without words. He points and grunts to what he wants. Hopefully soon he will talk!
Sectionals for volleyball is this Thursday. I'm a little nervous! Our new window for the house is getting installed today. I am very happy about that! I can finally open and shut my bedroom window!
Shan and Everson are coming today from Spokane! I am very excited to spend some time with them! Overall, life is good!
We have so much to be thankful for!

Monday, October 12, 2009


We have been battling sickness in our house the last couple of days. Both boys are still struglling. Aiden I think is getting better. Both still have bad coughs, but no fever. I am keeping them inside for the next couple of days.
We were at my parents for the weekend. The boys stayed with them while Chad and I went away for the night. We had a great time and actually got a great night's sleep! Woo hoo!
My sister comes to visit in a week. I get to officially meet Everson! I am so excited to see them! I am hoping that Chad's sister Courtney is coming this weekend too. What a fun week! (as long as the boys feel better)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

I love fall!

Fall used to be my least favorite season. Everything dies! However, the older I get the more I love fall. I love the colors changing, I love the lack of humidity and love that it's finally sweatshirt weather! This last Sunday, pastor spoke about fall and the dying leaves and how it shows him that death can be beautiful. Simply because death is not the end! God did not create the leaves to immediately wither, turn brown, and die. He created beautiful colors as the leaves begin to die. It's a great reminder that death is not the end, really it's the beginning!
Volleyball is going well still. It will be a very busy next couple of weeks. Sectionals start in 2 weeks! Both boys are sick right now. Kian woke up with a fever and Aiden has been battling a nasty cough the last couple of days. He can barely speak, he's so hoarse.
I am officially 30. Wow, where has the time gone! I am really looking forward to my 30's. Life changed so much in my 20's, I am hoping for some stability and settling in the 30's! Chad is taking me away for the weekend. I cannot communicate how excited I am! We are actually only going to Mishawaka. We found an excellent deal on Priceline and we are just going to hang out, watch a couple of movies and relax! It sounds wonderful!

I took these pics of the boys yesterday. They are growing so fast!
The boys hanging out on the couch together. This does not happen that often!
Oh the tackling that occurs in this family! Aiden better get his shots now, I have a feeling Kian will be able to take Aiden when he's older!
Yes, Aiden is that much taller than Kian right now!
Such a cute smile!
He has become such a great kid! I just love him to pieces.