Sunday, September 26, 2010


This past Friday, Aiden participated in his very first jogathon for Lakewood. All of the students try to raise money for the school and jog 20-30 min. There are lots of fun incentives for the kids to raise money and Aiden had a BLAST! The pre-k class ran 20 minutes. Aiden almost ran the entire time. I was SHOCKED. I could not believe how well he did. He ran 17 laps which was the equivilent to a little over 2 miles. Chad ran with him the entire time as well and we were just so proud of him! He was so excited. I was actually asking him to walk because I thought he was overdoing it, but he thought the whole purpose was to run, so well...he ran! After the running, the kids ate lunch with all parents and then there was a carnival in the gym. Aiden and Kian played lots of games, jumped in inflatables, and got their face painted. Aiden when we were on the way home, asked me how many days until the next jogathon, I told him, "um, 365". It was a great day.
Aiden's class ready to run!
Aiden and Chad running
Aiden running!

Right after the race, Aiden was so proud of himself! His face was so red and also very sweaty!
Aiden after gettin his face painted. Aiden chose to get a basketball. Kian on the otherhand wanted a green heart. I don't know why, he just did.

Kian sat there so well as she painted his face. By the way, his favorite color is green, but as for the heart... that's another story. He is so independent! It looked cute though!

the final product!

Monday, September 13, 2010


Another busy week down! My volleyball team has been having a great season so far. We are 15-1. We had a tournament this past Saturday and we won for the first time in school history. This is the third tournament that we have won this year! It's been an interesting season too. As you can imagine, having 18 very different teenage girls on the team bring lots of personality for sure! God is definitely teaching me alot through coaching them! We lost our first game this last Thursday to Bellmont High School. They are a 3A school that won the state championship 2 years ago. They were one of the best high school teams I have ever seen.
I am over 15 weeks pregnant now too! I was hoping to be over my nausea by this point, but apparently this baby had other thoughts. It hasn't been all day however, which helps. I am definitely showing already. Yikes! I guess that's normal, especially with baby #3. Aiden said at dinner yesterday, "Maybe the next baby...". Woah! I had to stop him right there. I told him that this will be the last baby for mommy and daddy unless God intervenes. He would love 5 more siblings if it were up to him! He and Kian are starting to argue more. It is over such stupid stuff they were arguing in the car this morning over who saw the tractor in the field first. Really? I suppose I did that too when I was that age. Aiden is LOVING school. He is starting to write his numbers and some letters. He is really enjoying it all. Kian is...well, Kian! We laugh at his mischevious and adventurous spirit. Yesterday he tried to take one of Aiden's toys and it didn't work. I watched as he looked at one of his shoes on the floor, then looked at Aiden's head. I could see the wheels in his little brain turning. Kian picked up his shoe and threw it at Aiden, hitting him in the head, all the while with a smile on his face. I couldn't help but smile a little bit (Aiden was fine by the way). That's just Kian. He needs very consistent discipline, but he is such a fun kid! Here are a couple of recent pics.

Chad took this one yesterday. Not the greatest of me, but I love snuggling with my boys!

Yesterday for some reason, I felt like dressing the boys the same for church. They looked so cute I had to take a couple pictures.

Weird to think this is how old Aiden was when Kian was born!

Such a good boy! He told me this morning that he was not going to be mean to Kian again...that lasted about 15 min, but he generally is so kind hearted! When he woke up this morning, he told me, "mom, you're the best. God, You're the best. And daddy, he's the best and Kian's the best too." Thinking a little more, he said, "I'm also the best." So cute.

Well, we tried to get a good picture!

Kian was watching "Little Einsteins" on the computer. He was just sitting contently with his hands folded. I'm pretty sure he has my legs too. Look at those calves! :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mark Schultz

There are a couple of Christian artists that I really enjoy. Not necessarily, their voices, but the words of the songs they sing and write are so rich with wisdom and truth. One of those artists for me is Mark Schultz. To me, he doesn't have the greatest voice, but his songs are so meaningful. Last night Chad and I looked up several of his songs on youtube and I literally balled through a few of them. Funny thing was I told Chad that I just needed a good cry a couple of weeks earlier. One of the songs was "He was walking her home". It is a great song about marriage and commitment. Another one was "I am". He writes such diverse lyrics, such as he writes a song in tribute to soldiers called "Letters from war" and one to her biological mother called "everything to me". If you have a chance to listen to them, I highly recommend them. I have been struggling with a situation and need much wisdom in how I effectively deal with it. I feel confused with the best course of action and am not sure what to do. Anyway, last night I really wanted to hear Mark's song, "He will carry me" and I couldn't find the one I was looking for. Today as I was driving the boys home, it played on the radio. I haven't heard this song on the radio for months. I thought it was so neat that God would allow it to be played at the exact time I needed it. It was such a reminder that God hasn't forgotten me and is there to "carry me". What a GREAT God we serve.