Monday, February 22, 2010


Today's picture of the boys. Kian looks so old in this picture!

This is what happens when I leave them alone in Kian's bedroom. 154 diapers all over the place! They love throwing the diapers at each other!

They thought it would be "fun" to throw them all in the crib.

Aiden playing in the snow. He LOVES playing in the snow.

Here are some of the more recent pictures of the boys.

I wish everyday was a weekend. However, not much would be accomplished if that were the case! This weekend we went to my parents and Chad and I were able to go out for Valentine's day. We had a gift card to Carrabba's which just happens to be my favorite place to eat. That worked out well! After eating, we walked in the mall (which was wonderful to be able to not have children and actually take escalators instead of elevators!) and then went to some friends of ours to play euchre. was delightful! We celebrated my mom's birthday on Sunday...sorta (it was very low key) and then we went home! Good times!

Boys are doing great. Kian has been struggling to eat, something he has struggled for for a while now. He makes me nervous. He just won't eat. He wants to be fully independent most of the time, which isn't always possible and then there's a power struggle and then he refuses to eat. I don't want him just snacking obviously. It is a constant battle in our house. Kian everyday is saying more words, however, still doesn't use them all that much. He would much rather whine.

Chad has 2 more games for his JV team and sectionals start a week from today for varsity. We found out last night that we play the one team that we really didn't want to play first... Fort Wayne Blackhawk. Oh well, to be the best, we'll have to beat the best!

We also are finally healthy it seems! I am however, pretty ready for sunshine! I guess I'll have to be patient for that one.

Friday, February 19, 2010

technical difficulties

Our internet is out at home right now. I am currently at Mcdonalds taking advantage of free wifi! It has been an intersting couple of weeks at our house. The biggest "cool" thing that has happened is Chad got his braces off! His teeth look beautiful and it's truly amazing to see him without them! I am so happy that he finally doesn't have to worry his mouth anymore!
I have battled with a bit of sickness over the last couple of weeks. I have tried to stay really faithful with exercising and that hasn't been very easy. As of this morning, I currently have lost 17 pounds since January 1st. I have been doing my own version of weight watchers (so I don't have to pay the money) and have gotten into running (well if that's what you call what I do). It's feels really good though and I feel much healthier, even though I've been sick a lot. My goal is 20 more pounds before the end of May.
The boys are doing great. Kian this morning locked himself in our bedroom and I didn't have the key. Nice huh. I had to take off the doorknob to get him out. He of course was laughing on the other side. Kian continues to make us laugh, basically we either are laughing or he is getting disciplined! He is in his independent stage, wanting to do EVERYTHING by himself. Aiden is growing up so much. He now knows every letter and is starting to spell words by himself. He has really gotten into superheros recently. He asked me about a week ago if he was faster than superman. I said no. He then asked if God was faster than superman. I said yes. He then proceeded to ask if he was faster than God. I replied no and he incredulously looked at me and said, "REALLY??" Our life is definitely interesting!
before braces come off....
after braces are off!!!