Sunday, February 12, 2012

a couple of pics

Happy almost Valentine's Day!

crazy february

What a crazy month! Between basketball, grad school, school, and sickness, we haven't had a spare moment. It seems like the sick bug has run rampant through our house this winter. Mia had diarrhea very badly for about 5 days and I finally took her in and they took a stool sample and she has a very contagious bacteria called C Diff. The doctor doesn't know where she got it, but most likely she caught it because of the amount of antibiotics Mia has been on. Anyways, this bacteria is not to be taken lightly and it doesn't respond to normal antibiotics and it can live on surfaces for months. Mia has been on a antibiotic called Flagyl since Wednesday and has been doing great. It was rough for her for a little while though. Her poor diaper looked horrible. Because it is so contagious and has to be basically bleached to be killed, there has been a LOT of cleaning and hand washing going on. I woke yesterday with the same symptoms Mia but seem to be doing better today.

Chad is doing a great job on his grad school. He is such a hard worker and I am very proud of him! Balancing teaching, grad school, coaching, and being a husband and father has been a little tricky though. This Tuesday, he is taking a personal day and we are going out for the day. I am SUPER excited to say the least.

Aiden and Kian are doing great. They are such fun boys! Kian is still in his "testing" phase with obedience. He is one stubborn boy, but at the same time is so loving too. Aiden seems to be growing up so fast. He loves watching Chad's basketball games and loves playing video games. He is not my little boy anymore. :(

I have my cough again. It's the same cough I had for 8 months while I was pregnant with Mia and for 4 months after. Please pray that it goes away! I cannot do cardio right now, because I cough too much. It is very frustrating. I did insanity for 3 weeks and enjoyed it, but I'm taking a break to let my body rest from being sick.

Hopefully the rest of the month will be a little less uneventful!