Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Gospel, Politics, and the Poor

When we were in Rochester, NY after grad school, we went to a new church. The pastor's name is David Whiting (I think). He was starting a series called, "the Gospel, Politics, and the Poor" (or something like that). Not only was he an EXCELLENT speaker, but he was so honest and intellegent. Chad and I were very challenged to see the poor around us and to help meet their physical needs as well as spiritual needs. Some stats that struck me: 25,000 people die every day of hunger or hunger related causes. 3 billion people have to survive on $2/day. To satisfy the world's sanitation and food problems would cost the US only $13 billion. Americans spend $12 billion on coffee each year. This year alone, Americans will spend over $11o billion on fast food. Does that just seem wrong to anyone else? It makes you think doesn't it?? Where can I help? What can I do? It would take so little to help SO many.
Today we all went to Target. As we left and were getting into a car, a man approached us. He said, "I promise I am not a begger or do drugs, but my car over here is almost out of gas and I have no money to put into it. Could you please help me put a couple of gallons in it? "
My heart broke for the man. Chad and I followed him to the gas station and we put gas in his beat up old car. As I was inside, Chad and he were talking. The man showed Chad his college diploma (he was very proud of it), but had recently been laid off of his job as a fork lifter.
After the man had profusely thanked us, he left. I sat thinking for quite some time. How often do I complain about my car or things that I have when God has given me EVERYTHING I NEED? Would I of even noticed this man had he not approached us? My mind quickly went to the sermon we heard in Rochester. So many around us are hurting! What can I do to help? Why is my first thought when someone asks me for money is "will they just spend it on alcohol or drugs?" Shame on me for not seeing the needy, the hurting, the poor. I pray that God opens my eyes to more people of this world and of Auburn. These people need our love...they need God's love.

Friday, July 23, 2010

pictures of the summer

Here are a few picture of our summer travels. Enjoy! We went to the Philadelphia Zoo. The boys were a little tired by the end of the day! Aiden and Wyatt Morris are smiling above.

Their first roller coaster and based on how much they liked it, not their last!

Oh my goodness, my little boy is going to SCHOOL! How did I get that old?! Actually it's more like, how did HE get that old?

Monday, July 12, 2010

busy weekend!

I guess that I haven't written in a little while so today is just going to be a summary of the week's event's. This last week Chad took a Philosophy of Coaching class. He was really looking forward to it. He loved the class and the professor. It was a great week!

Last Monday, Kian woke up with a fever. I knew he was sick, but didn't have a thermometer here to check his temp. I went to the athletic trainer and he had one to stick in Kian's ear. Kian's temp was about 104 and then proceeded to vomit about 4 times right on me. So there I am in BBC's gym holding my little boy with vomit all over me. It was not a fun experience. Kian wasn't responding and was very lethargic. It kinda freaked me out, even though I'm not really the freak out mom type. One of the professor's husband was an EMT, so he came over and checked Kian out. By the evening, Kian was much better and by Tuesday night, he was fine. However, I realized that I do NOT enjoy having the kids sick when I am not at home.

Wednesday, the boys and I went to some friends of ours in Delaware. Chris and Carrie Morris lived in Elkhart for a few years and we all graduated from BBC. So Aiden, Kian and I had a great time being with Carrie and her family and the Geshay family. My family grew up with the Geshay's and it was so neat to catch back up with them. It had a been years since I had seen them all. On Thursday, Carrie, her son Wyatt, and the 3 of us went to the Philly Zoo. Even though it was about 98 degreess, we had a great time! The boys loved all of the animals. Kian especially loved the turtles and Aiden liked all of the reptiles. I loved the gorillas personally. What a cool zoo!

That evening, we came home and spent the evening with Chad. Sunday all of us and Chad's mom went to Dorney Park. It is an amusement park and a water park in one. I don't know if Aiden and Kian have ever had more fun! There were little kiddie water slides and roller coasters. They had a fantastic time! We all did. Aiden is quite sunburned, but other than that, it was a great day.

The pregnancy so far has been quite good. I really haven't been very nauseous at all, although I have been very tired. I guess that is to be expected chasing 2 little boys around. Aiden the other day told Kian that I had a baby in my tummy and that therefore, he needs to be very careful around my tummy. He said that I am going to need more sleep because there is a baby growing in my tummy. He is so excited about this baby. He tells everyone and can't wait to meet his new sibling! Kian loves to kiss the "baby", but otherwise, doesn't really care. I know that this baby that God is giving us will have 2 great big brothers!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Baby #3!

Baby #3 is on its way! We are so excited to be able to have another one. I was a little unsure if it would be difficult for me to get pregnant this time around because of my abdominal pain (which I believe is endometriosis). God apparently decided to bless us quickly with this baby! I bought some pregnancy tests at the dollar store and they kept saying negative. I told Chad that I really thought I was pregnant. I could just tell. I called my sister who knew we were trying and told her. Her advice was to get "more than a dollar pregnancy test" and try that one. I knew Chad would not be too happy about me spending the money to get ANOTHER test, so while he was at class I went to Target and actually took the test in Target's bathroom. It was positive! I was a bit in shock. I drove back to the dorm and couldn't wait to tell Chad! All that to say, regardless of how many tests Chad said I took (I believe he currently says 17). I only took about 5 until it said pregnant.
My tentative due date is March 5th. So far, I feel....pregnant! I guess that's a good thing. Nausea started this morning and I have felt quite tired, but otherwise, it's going well. We told Aiden and his reply was that he wanted a sister (not a big surprise). He is so excited to have another baby in the house. Kian could care less.
We are going to find out what the baby's gender is, which will be a first for us. We sold/gave away all of our baby clothes, so I would like prepare a little bit. Of course it would be fun to have a little girl; however, I would be just fine if God decided He wanted us to have 3 sons. What a busy household that would be! Yes, this is our last child (unless God shocked us), regardless of gender! We are so thankful for this little baby!