Friday, August 26, 2011

summer and school

I know it has been ridiculously too long since my last post, but we've sorta been busy. Summer went great. Chad got A's on all of his grad school classes and we had a great time visiting family. We spent a week with Chad's family and had a blast. We all went to a waterpark in Rochester called Seabreeze. Oh my goodness, the boys had SO much fun. Kian was tall enough to go down the body slides with one of us and wow, we must have gone down about 15 times. He loved it. I asked Aiden what his favorite thing of the whole summer was and his reply was, "Seabreeze". Kian said, " I liked the beach and the water." My boys love being in the water!

After visiting the east coast, we spent 4 days at home and then went to Goshen to visit all of my family. It was a little crazy with 7 little kids in my parents' house, but we had a great time. Aiden and Kian LOVE their cousins and can't WAIT to see them again. We all spent 3 days and 2 nights in Chicago, where Chad and I took the kids to Navy Pier. It was quite interesting taking a double stroller on public transit. Let's just say, I probably won't ever do that again. We went to the children's museum there and it was great. I wish we could spend more time with my family...we have such a good time together!

After we returned we had a week until school started. Crazy that my Aiden is in kindergarten and is gone ALL DAY! How did this happen??? He was very excited to start school and was even more pumped that I let him get a superhero backpack. :) After 3 days however, he was all ready saying how he wished he was still in pre-k. I think it's kind of a hard adjustment to be gone all day long now! He is doing great though. Chad has an even crazier schedule than last year, which if you knew what his schedule was last year, that's sayin' something. On Tuesdays he teaches 10 classes with only a 30 minute lunch break! He has a new appreciation for weekends! We are thankful though, for a great job at a great school.

Kian is I think enjoying having it a little quieter at home during the day. I try and make sure to get more cuddling time with him in the morning. I love that he still wants to cuddle. This past week we were a little concerned with how much he was going to the bathroom. Like, I mean, 15 times a day seems a little much and he was having accidents too (which he hasn't for months). We took him to the doctor and he doesn't have a UTI which is good, but if it continues for another week, the doctor want to draw blood to rule out diabetes. We are praying this doesn't happen, but we just have to wait and see. He has done better the last couple of days , but he still goes 10-15 times a day. I'm hoping his bladder is just stretching etc.

Mia is doing great. Weird that in a couple of weeks she will be half a year old! She is a delight! She is rolling and starting to scoot. She LOVES her brothers and is so content! One battle we are having right now is trying to figure out what to do about her pacifier. She loves it and sleeps with it. However, she wakes up and wants it in, so she is up a couple of times a night! All I have to do is put it back in and she falls right back asleep, but I hate having to get up! We aren't sure what to do... just wait til she outgrows this, or stop letting her have the pacifier and have several rough nights and days.

I am doing well. The weight loss is still a struggle. I am trying really hard, but don't see much progress. I have been getting up several days a week at 6 to run with a friend and then try on the other days to exercise too. Chad has told me to just stop weighing myself for a while and just be disciplined, so that is what I am doing. This is my first season for not coaching, but we have been so busy I have hardly noticed. I do miss the girls though! However, I know that this is where God has us right now.

Here are several pictures from our summer and school year.

My sister Shannon and her daughter Evie. Evie has one of the most beautiful smiles...she is a pill though!

The boys at the waterworks exhibit at the children's museum.

Kian and Evie hugging. They are buds.

All of the cousins (minus Mia who was sleeping in the stroller) waiting to get on the subway into downtown Chicago

Mia yesterday

Love her to death!

Mia started by her toy and then rolled under the bunk bed.

Aiden on his first day on kindergarten! We are so thankful he can go to a great Christian school where his teachers love God!